About Us

The Northern To-Ken Society had its beginnings when a group of like-minded individuals, all corresponding members of the To-Ken Society of Great Britain living in the North of England, decided to meet on a regular basis. With Manchester being roughly the centre point of the initial member’s distribution, in 1968 around a dozen people met in an upstairs room in a Manchester pub for the inaugural meeting.

From that time, the Society has changed its venue several times and seen many new faces, but still maintains its original objective of bring together those who delight in, and wish to learn about, the Japanese sword and related items. 

Over the years the Society has had many memorable meetings and welcomed visiting speakers, not least when Ogasawara of the Japanese Sword Museum commented on the swords the members had brought along.

During the 1990’s what had been an offshoot of the To-Ken Society of Great Britain decided to become a Society in its own right and adopted the present name and logo. Since its inauguration, the Society and its members have also done much to demonstrate to the public the consummate craftsmanship and artistry of the Japanese sword; participating in exhibitions, putting on displays and giving lectures at all manner of events. 

From the beginning the Northern To-Ken Society has been a dynamic and friendly association, with members willing to share their knowledge with new recruits.